Windows that lasted over 150 years.

We have a lovely bay window in the Wordsworth lounge that was added over 150 years ago by the Wordsworth family themselves. We've finally had to replace some of it. You can see pictures and read about this in today's "Notes from a Lake District Garden" blog.

The bay window in Room 3, which is above the Wordsworth lounge
The bay window goes all the way up the house, so that room 3 has the same bay window as the Wordsworth Lounge downstairs. Last year we decided to for new glazing to keep the room warmer and quieter. It has been a great success. From the window you can see Loughrigg Fell. To the left you can see Rydal Water- for now. Sadly, when the trees comes out fully our view is rather blocked.

The walk up Loughrigg is one of many that we do from our front door.We went on about The White Moss Walks and how great they were years ago. Now the powers that be have decided they are so good they have put an official brown tourist information sign up. We are just so lucky to be able to pop out on one of these walks nearly every day.

White Moss waterfall- the starting point for one of the best White Moss walks - The Walk Round Rydal Water from White Moss

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