We're surrounded by runners

The Keswick to Barrow Road race takes place today. From Keswick , along Thirlmere, over Dunmail Raise, through Grasmere, over Red Bank, to Coniston then home to Barrow.40 miles of walking and running. If you think that sounds fun, here's the link to the Keswick2Barrow website. Time to start planning for 2014?

To the south of us today it's the Fairfield Horseshoe Fell Race . As I type this there are runners pushing themselves around the top of Fairfield. Here's the link to the Fairfield Horseshoe Fell Race.

Me? I might go for an hour's walk along Loughrigg Terrace. It's a bit damp, but nothing to stop me walking. Here is the walk I'll be doing Walk number two on this page of White Moss Walks.. Did you know that Wordsworth walked miles and miles every day? If he had visitors he wanted to get rid of, he would take them on a long, hard, fast walk- the next day they would find a reason why they suddenly had to leave!

Here's just one of the many photos I've taken from Loughrigg Terrace. This is Rydal Water, taken from the little rise at the south end of Loughrigg Terrace.

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