Out of the garden and into the kitchen

It's dark and damp today, so there's no great incentive to get outside and tidy up the herb garden.
Instead, I'm going to try out my home made Christmas candy recipes. There will be lots of spoon licking going on.
My favourites at the moment are my homemade chocolate truffles. They're very easy to make, and you can make so many different versions.
These home made chocolate truffles taste very sophisticated, especially if you add alcoholic flavourings. My tops flavouring are rum and brandy, both of which go down well with male chocoholics ( there are many!) and then Bailey's or Cointreau for a more girlie taste.

I'm also making home made peppermint creams.

I'm going to try pretty but inexpensive ways to package them for Christmas gifts . I thin I'll be saving small cardboard boxes to recover with shiny Christmas paper.
You can see what packing is for sale by looking on my Homemde candies pages, but I think I'll be making my own this Christmas. Times are hard, money is tight, gas bills are high!

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