Celeriac on my mind- do you know how to use celeriac?

We've always been big fans of "the ugly one"- celeriac, here at White Moss House. Before we retired from serving dinner ( 30 years at the top of the Good Food Guide!) Peter's soups were legendary.
One of his secret weapons was celeriac. We made soups fresh every day, using home made stock with herbs from our herb garden and fresh vegetables in season. The soups were NEVER thickened with flour, but vegetables were used to give the soup texture.
As autumn comes, celeriac can be found on the vegetable counter.What do you do with it? Well, the first coice is to make soup.
You can, of course, use potato to thicken a soup, but for a different flavour, try using celeriac.
Lots of people are puzzled by this strange knobbly vegetable, but the French love it. They even eat celeriac raw as Celeriac Remoulade.
Jamie Oliver loves celeriac- his "smashed celeriac" is so tasty!
I've written an article "What the heck can I do with celeriac?". Take a look- give the ugly one a try!

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