The trouble with adsense when writing about wildlife.

Writing about bats in my first post on this new blog, I then find that all the adsense ads are about how to get rid of said lovely little things as if they were not wanted.

We must take care of our protected species. Do your worst adsense!

The most amusing bat event in retrospect was when some guests went to sleep with the light on, windows and curtains open, and rang at 3 am to say they had a b...t in the room. There's no way you can persuade a b....t to leave a room at 3am if it wants to be there, so we just moved the guests to another room , which luckily we had free. The guests were Americans- is that relevant? Anyway, they didn't make a fuss- I think we could all agree that none of us enjoyed being woken at 3am, but if you will go to sleep in the country side with your lights on a windows open, you're asking for trouble.

Life in a Wordsworth House- this house has seen lots of things during its 280 years.....follow my new blog for more exciting events!!!!!

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