Baby bats pay us a visit.

Living in the countryside in a old house, you get used to living with wildlife all around you. Sometimes you see the wild creatures, sometimes you hear them , and sometimes you just know they've visited, like when the deer have munched through your favourite flowers.

We have pipistrelle bats living in the eaves at White Moss House. These are the smallest, most common British bats. When you see them flying around in the evening, the bats look like birds, swallow like and pretty. At this time of year there are baby bats around, and every year we find the babies straying indoors.The baby bats are only a few inches long. They look like a leaf on the carpet, then closer examination show they are live!

Last year we rang the local bat experts to find out what to do for the best. He advised carefully taking the baby bats outside and positioning them in a crevice near to where the bast fly. We've now done this twice in the last few days. Let's hope that little battlings found their mums.

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